2homeCountryside Trading is one of the leading coin buyers in MA with over 20 experience and A+ rating on BBB.

We started as a family owned self storage business 25 years age. Above the storage my wife and I sold coins, antiques and collectibles. We also found ourselves with an abundance of items from The storage Units. We have evolved into a large buyer of all valuables/collectibles. We have also grown dramatically in precious metal refining .
Gold, coins, jewelry, silver, old toys, post cards, antiques, watches, rolex, patek phillipe, photography and photo related items, cameras, camera equipment, old and new tools, coin operated, cast iron, military, militaria, swords, knives, weapons, belt buckles, sports memorabilia, costume jewelry, zippo lighters, straight edge razors, ivory, carvings, costume jewelry,books, marbles, oddities, coins, Morgan & Peace Dollars, paper currency, comics, and more!
10k, 14k, Dental, 18k Portuguese, 21k, Asian Gold, Sterling Silver, Gold Filled, and Costume Jewelry.


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