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Sell your military collectibles and antiques to A+ BBB rated business and

medals, badges, ribbons, helmets and headgear, uniforms, deactivated firearms and bladed weapons from the Napoleonic Wars to current international conflicts. We also have a large online selection of British and German WW2 militaria for sale, such as Third Reich items and Weapons


Member of North American Collectibles Association.

What we buy.

We pay a fair  prices for all items and even higher for items we have ready buyers for.






1)  We are looking for  ALL US Military uniforms, weapons, paperwork and accoutrements 1775-1812.

2) War of 1812 items of interest would include period uniforms, headgear and edged weapons

3) Civil War items of interest would be Uniforms and Headgear as well as items identified to specific individuals. Swords and blades and all Confederate items would be of interest.

4) Spanish American War items of interest include Tropical campaign clothing, Campaign Hats, Medal groupings, Captured Spanish items of all types, web gear and photography.

5) WWI items of interest are virtually all countries and all items. Uniforms, Headgear, Equipment, Medal Groupings, Captured Souvenirs, Trench Art, scrapbooks, photo albums. US, German, British and Canadian, French etc..

6) WWII items of interest include all American Uniform groupings especially of the ETO, headgear, medal groupings, photo albums, edged weapons, Air Force Uniforms and Flight Jackets. Captured German and Japanese Souvenirs.

7) Vietnam items of interest include campaign clothing, fatigues, jungle jackets and tiger stripes. Interesting helmets, headgear and equipment. Helicopter related items including flight helmets and flight suits. Cloth insignia made in Vietnam prior to 1972. Photo albums, Tour Jackets and souvenirs. Captured Viet Cong and NVA items.
















-> Offer FREE in-store appraisal

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We buy military antiques and collectibles of all nations and time periods.

  • Pre-Colonial
  • Through WW2
  • US and Foreign Wars

If you have old war flags, cruise books, unit histories, patches, medals, head and field gear items, uniforms,  technical manuals, field manuals, guns, firearms, swords, shoulder insignias, bayonets or sweetheart jewelry, our experts are happy to take a look at them and put a $$ value on them. In general we look at three things:Free Evaluation. Do you have an artifact you want to sell? Please  email us clear photos (don't try to send too many large photos in one email). A quick answer is FREE, and we will do our best to get back to you within 48 hours with an approximate value and a written purchas

e offer. If you do not hear from us, please call


- Historic valueMilitary Antiques and Collectibles Buyer




- How well is the ite


m preserved? Any damages?

- Current market value trends

which include:  Daggers, helmets, medals, tunics, bayonets, and swords from multiple time periods.  My key areas of focus include WW2 German, WW2 American, and WW2 Japanese. 



Once we have

determined the value of an item or items, we will make you a reasonable offer to purchase your military antiques or collectibles. Selling items outright allows you to get immediate cash.



If you are not sure what it is you have, let us help you. Countryside Trading’s own, in-house experts are happy and ready to help, put a name and value to your military collectibles.

We are always looking for quality German helmets and other military items. RVM offers 100% authentic WWII period German helmets, daggers, swords, ba

yonets, field gear, medals, insignia and awards.  We also have US Helmets, bayonets, knives, uniforms and Japanese militaria.  We have a special interest in items with a direct vet connection.  Research is one of our passio

ns and placing a item with the veterans unit and

Theater of Operations is one way we honor these true American Heroes.

For additional information on military antiques & collectibles, call: 978-486-0015








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