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Sell your military collectibles and antiques to A+ BBB rated business and

member of North American Collectibles Association.

–> Offer FREE in-store appraisal

–> Receive top $$

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We buy military antiques and collectibles of all nations and time periods.

  • Pre-Colonial
  • Through WW2
  • US and Foreign Wars

If you have old war flags, cruise books, unit histories, patches, medals, head and field gear items, uniforms, technical manuals, field manuals, guns, firearms, swords, shoulder insignias, bayonets or sweetheart jewelry, our experts are happy to take a look at them and put a $$ value on them. In general we look at three things:

– Historic valueMilitary Antiques and Collectibles Buyer

– How well is the ite

m preserved? Any damages?

– Current market value trends

Once we have determined the value of an item or items, we will make you a reasonable offer to purchase your military antiques or collectibles. Selling i

tems outright allows you to get immediate cash.

If you are not sure what it is you have, let us help you. Countryside Trading’s own, in-house experts are happy and ready to help, put a name and value to your military collectibles.

For additional information on military antiques & collectibles, call: 978-486-0015

sell bayonet

sell bayonet

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we buy maps

Afro-American soldiers
Brady, Mathew (Civil War photographer)
Civil War
Civil War artillery

Civil War diaries
Civil War letters
Civil War maps
Civil War personal narratives
Civil War prisons
Civil War soldiers
Civil War statistics
Confederate Army
Confederate States of America


Dates (1861, 1862, 1863, 1864, 1865)

Davis, Jefferson
Douglas, Stephen
Emancipation Proclamation

Generals – Union

Generals – Confederate
Gettysburg Address

Grant, Ulysses
Lee, Robert E.

Lincoln, Abraham
Names of people
Names of battles
Names of battlefields
Names of Civil War era events
Names of forts


Names of ships
Pictorial envelope
Underground Railroad
Union Army
United States – History – Civil War
War Between the Stateswhe


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where to sell helmets

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sell bayonet Massachusetts

we buy bayonets Massachusetts

where to sell bayonets Massachusetts

where to sell militaria Massachusetts

we buy militaria Massachusetts

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where to sell helmets Massachusettss


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